Plastic better than recycling glass.

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Recycling bottles – breaking them up, melting them down and making new bottles – does not benefit to the environment much.   We start with these questions:

1. How does this footprint of a bottle made from recycled material compare with the footprint of a bottle made from virgin material?

2. How does the recycled bottle footprint compare with other forms of packaging?

Some information on the carbon footprint of bottles can be found at wineenabler . They say

In the U.S., recycled glass accounts for about 25% of all glass on the market. Also, using recycled glass reduces the carbon footprint of the resulting bottle by about 25%.

They also say

you can manufacture and dispose of about 2.7 plastic wine bottles for the same carbon footprint that you could manufacture and recycle 1 glass bottle.

Another good source for carbon footprints is the ICE database from the Sustainable Energy Research Team at the University of Bath. They  give 0.77kg CO2 per kg glass.  They may have used a 38% rate of recycling for this figure.

For context around the carbon footprint of glass bottles in relation to a carbon ration see the

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